Hearing Schools in Pakistan for the deaf
Mission & Objectives

Mission Statement

The mission of Alhoda Association is to unlock the potential of children who are deaf and hard of hearing by making spoken language a way of life through early child intervention programs and focused listening and language instructions through cochlear implant and latest equipment, together with the recommended therapy in Pakistan to build spoken language and academic skills which provide real independence, equipping these children to integrate fully in a hearing world.

To establish a training center to educate the staff and parents concerning health, education and eradication of all kind of disabilities from our society, undertake any social or welfare relevant project permissible under the law.




  • To identify the hearing impaired children and establish linkages with their families to increase awareness and made them useful citizen of the society.;
  • Parent-Infant Coordination Programme (PICP) to train parents.
  • Teachers Training.
  • Linkage with local and International Organizations/institutes working for the same cause.
  • Parent-Teachers Association (PTA).
  • Organize programs such as seminars, workshops, special. Lectures and other such social events to promote the cause of the Association and prevention of disabilities in the society.
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