Hearing Schools in Pakistan for the deaf
Services & Achievements

Services at Hearing & Speech Center

  • Education & Speech Therapy to 200 Students
  • In house Teacher Training Program  
  • Parent Infant Coordination Program (PICP)
  • Hostel Facility to 40 Students
  • Pick/Drop Facility to 50 Students

Child During Calculation


Provision of Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are used to enable a child to hear different sounds consist of surrounding sounds e.g. fan sound, water motors sound or a dog barking and the sounds of speech. Despite, hearing aids do not correct hearing as perfectly as eye glasses make vision perfect but it is helpful to maximize residual hearing of the hard of hearing child especially during speech therapy sessions. Naturally, hearing children started to talk by listening to the voices of their family members especially mother by birth but hearing loss interrupts speech and language development.

Hearing and Speech Centre intends to provide latest digital hearing aids to the hearing impaired children to maximize the residual hearing to improve the hearing of children so that they listen and talk effectively.



  • Students have successfuly completed 10th class examinations with 100% result in Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (These examinatiosn are designed for persons without disabilities and obtaining 100% result).
  • Formal and informal education.
  • Speech Therapy Services.
  • Audiology Clinic with the Services of a professional
  • audiologist from National Institute of Handicapped Islamabad
  • Parents and Teachers Training Program
  • Staff Training
  • Hostel facility
  • Pick and drop facility
  • Promotion of special children to normal schools
  • Affiliation with Alexander Graham Bell Association
  • Vocational Training Centre

During Competition

Services at Alhoda School

  • Up to Primary Education to 390 Students with the Help of 16 Staff Members.
  • Pick/Drop Facility to far-flung area Students.

Students at Alhoda School

Alhoda School Halli

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