Hearing Schools in Pakistan for the deaf
Chairman's Message

Dear Friends,


Alhoda Association has successfully completed fabulous 21 years of our humble services. In May 1999 this organization was established in response to the aural rehabilitation for hearing-impaired children. Due to the financial burden and lack of awareness, many hearing-impaired children suffer from isolation because their parents do not know how to deal with invisible hearing disability and majority of them cannot even afford to buy the technical assistance that is available in Pakistan.


The 2 Operations with the help of 40 staff members are strongly committed to provide excellent education to over 500 students. Our goal is to provide the best academic training program in the country. During these 21 years, hundreds of hearing-impaired children developed their academic and communication skills and improved their ability to understand and express thoughts, ideas and feelings and many students have been mainstreamed in public schools. This goal is achieved by providing services as per recommendation of Prof. Armin Loewe under the supervision of dedicated and highly-skilled staff who are deeply committed to teaching. We have designed most elements of our program to meet the needs of Hard of Hearing children from disadvantaged backgrounds.


We wish to thank all our sponsors whose continued support made years of excellent services. From year 2014, our students continuously appearing in Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education of 9th and Matric 10th Class. Alhamdulillah, our students recorded best results amongst hearing students in the examination results. We wish to celebrate many more achievements like this, possible through the continued support of our sponsors.


Alhamdolillah in back year 2016 we were moved to our own building. We are looking for kind-hearted friends of hearing-impaired children for financial resources to start the construction and expansion of the school building, which will fulfil the need of long outstanding with aims of future needs. Current unsuitable and crowded situation demands special attention in this regard. Our children are hoping to have a place to live and to meet their special educational needs.


I would like to conclude by expressing my thanks to you, our helping hands. We appreciate the trust you have placed in us. Because of your vital contribution, we have had the opportunity to initiate numerous activities to improve the lives of hundreds of children.


We are committed to further extend our services to less fortunate communities in rural areas. We welcome your involvement and support, and I thank you for your support to our organization. 


We could not have achieved and experienced this successful endeavour without you. Thank you all ,

Manzoor Ahmed
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