Hearing Schools in Pakistan for the deaf

    • HSC School construction work has started in village Neely Pair near Abbottabad to meet our long waited hard of hearing students educational needs
    • The new school, which is being built in Neely Pair village, will cater for 300 day scholars plus 60 hostel children when it opens in July 2015
    • The HSC has managed to survive and carry on the normal classes during last two years in the temporary sheltering classrooms
    • The new School project will be the largest educational and rehabilitation centre for hard of hearing children in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) province
    • Twenty three students have successfully completed their 10th class examination with 100% result in Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Abbottabad
    • 2013 had been a challenging year overall. School rented building had been sold out without any prior legal notice and we were forced to move into much smaller premises. In absence of any other alternative, we continued our Mission of educating Deaf student belonging to poor families and accepted the challenge
    • Despite of the unfavourable and challenging situation our deaf students managed to get 100% result in Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Abbottabad 2013 examination. It’s a great achievement because these examination are designed for persons without disabilities and obtaining 100% result is a great step directed towards mainstreaming of persons with hearing disability
    • Since 2012, 23 10th class students left for Job opportunity with matriculate certifications
    • The Alhoda school Halli in 2013 students of age 3 to 11 formed the 98% for total students and in 2014 it was 91%.Parents from far flung areas are understanding the need of early education and sending children of 3 to 5 years of age to school and 50% of new children enrolled are females. This is encouraging in the rural area and admissions of female students are increasing
    • Parents are now realizing the need of early intervention and timely response and number of children who have been admitted to school of age of 4 years and less has dramatically increased. In 2013 ,twenty one children of age 3 years and less have been admitted to school .Previously there was not much awareness regarding early intervention and only children of age of 6 years or more were sent to school.
    • In 2013 some 200 students have been provided with aural auditory education with the help of 20 staff members 38 students have been provided with Pick and Drop facility 19 students have been provided with the hostel facility
    • Teacher In house training program had continued. In July 2013 and December 2014 Teachers In house training was conducted to ensure their professional development and to train them cope with the existing challenging situation and to help them continue their mission with dedication
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